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PWH Hot Chamber Die-casting series features

◆“BOX” design fixed and moving platens, least deformation against impact from Injection.  Lighter yet stronger design that last

◆ Precise die-height adjustment with gear drive system ensures parallelism of closing unit

Two phase injection controls with high repeatability and precision.

◆ Imported hydraulic valves coupled with proportional control ensures system reliability (except Injection hydraulic).

◆ Electric box can either be built with the machine or built individually (or to change form either way) so as to suit different needs at different time.

◆ Machine design in accordance with CE recommendation for safety operation.  All moving and potential hazardous areas are properly protected/isolated.

◆ Imported Programmable Logic Controller for optimal control and monitoring. User-friendly application software with feature for failure analysis.

◆ Maintenance free and reliable piston type accumulator provides hazel free operation.  Minimal lost with direct bridge type connection ensures full power transfer.
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