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PWC Cold Chamber Die-casting Series Features

◆ Whole machine’s hydraulic system adopts the proportional value to control flow rate and pressure (Except injection system).  Hydraulic clamping system uses the proportional value to control flow rate and pressure.
Hydraulic system pressure and flow with proportional valve controls (except Injection system) 

◆ Injection unit with high rigidity “C” frame design connects directly onto closing unit.

◆ “BOX” design fixed and moving platens, least deformation against impact from Injection.  Lighter yet stronger design that last

◆ Dual cylinder drive ejecting system for even and power push

◆ Stacked low pressure and booster pump system for more efficient drive

◆ Imported external return line filter provides efficient and micro filtration of system oil.  Special device available for removal/service of filter element.

◆ Three phase injection controls for optimal performance.  Two speed selection for slow phase (1st phase) reduces chance of air incursion.
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